Review: Rise & Shine Soufflé, 3-in-1 Nail Strengthener Base/Topcoat and Quad Concealer

Hello again!

I'm excited to be getting stuck into my blog posts, so today I'm going to rush straight into this post reviewing my sixth box!

Rise & Shine Soufflé by Got2B
£4.07 for 100ml from

Rise & Shine Soufflé aims to give your hair textured volume and a silky shine, avoiding adding weighing your hair down! The application is straight forward: "rub a small amount of the soufflé between your palms, work through the lengths of dry hair and style as desired. For an extra boost apply a little extra to your finger tips and work into the roots, lifting as you style."

I was very excited to use this product, as it's rare for me to really find hair products that I enjoy using. I always want that little bit of added volume to my hair, but I never really know the right way to go about it. Thankfully, this little gem fell into my hands and I was interested in seeing the results.

Unfortunately, the results weren't as wonderful as I expected them to be. It was okay to begin with, I followed the application procedure, working it through the lengths of my hair and gave it an extra boost by working it into my roots. However, after about five minutes of styling, my hair actually looked very greasy. The style didn't exactly stay in as much as I'd hoped nor for very long, so I ended up just looking as though I had really greasy hair - great, just what I wanted as I was now rushing out the door to work! The little volume it did give was nice, it was just very unfortunate that my hair appeared greasy all of a sudden.

3-in-1 Base/Topcoat & Nail Strengthener by Nailgirls
£13.50 for 15ml from

I've never particularly had a problem with my nails being weak, they seem to have phases of breaking and splitting to being completely healthy and strong. But, why not try out a new product that can help me maintain that nail strength?!

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed using this product! I've used it alone on my nails to see the general wear of the polish, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see that after a week, the polish has only just chipped a little. I understand this is only a couple of coats of a clear polish, but I have kept a close eye on the polish to make sure that I could get a good idea of how well the polish would stay on.

There's not really a lot I can say about a base/topcoat as you can imagine, it's a clear polish. However, the wear was fabulous and I understand how this is a wonderful base/topcoat to use, as it really doesn't chip for a while! I don't know about you, but my nail polish chips within a matter of days!

Quad Concealer by So Susan Cosmetics


It's safe to say that it has basically been a life's mission for me to find a concealer and contour kit that will match and suit my skin, and I have finally found it! Considering how beautiful I find this product, mostly in that it comes in four different shades (technically three, I guess), £20 seems like such a bargain right now!

As you can see from the above image, the palette is actually rather small. A very rough guess in that each little concealer shade is a 2cmX2.5cm pan and probably only a couple of millimetres deep. So yes, it's a very small amount and £20 for such a little thing might seem a lot (I was quite honestly gobsmacked when I saw the price of it!) however, I honestly think it is worth it!

Straight away I've dived into giving it a big thumbs up, but before I go ahead and show you some samples of the shades against my skin tone, I'll quickly tell you a little about this product.

"Formulated with virgin marula oil, this compact quad can be used to cover minor blemishes and imperfections. Its lightweight formula makes it ideal for summer. To create a flawless looking complexion, use the quad as an all-in-one contouring kit. Application: Dot over the desired area and blend in gently until full coverage is achieved."

Not only does this product sound wonderful already, it also doesn't contain any mineral oils, phthalates or animal by-products. It's fragrance free, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

As you can see above (left to right) the palest shade - an off white - an almost peachy tone, a slightly more yellow tone and the darker tone of the four.

After piling a nice, thick layer of concealer onto the back of my hand to show you all, I (of course) wanted to see how well the concealer shades would blend into my skin. I also wanted to see how well they blended in to one another. I can safely say I am so delighted with the outcome of this product, I wasn't even expecting much at all, but it genuinely feels so lightweight on my skin and so soft, not in the slightest oily, and I can't even complain slightly about the shades, as I am sure after a little playing around with mixing colours, I can find a shade perfect for my skin tone - and as well as having the other tones for a contouring kit! Perfect!

Out of all of the products I've had to date, this is easily, hands down my favourite product of them all so far. I honestly have fallen totally in love with this little concealer quad and I highly, highly recommend it!

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