Twenty One

Hello again!
I'm going to go ahead and do a more personal post to kickstart my binge-blogging session! On May 31st I turned the big 21. Hooooorah! And so, through this post I am going to take this opportunity to introduce a couple of new blog topics I would like to add on here. I no longer want my blog to consist of just beauty and reviews, while it still will be the main aspect on the blog, it really isn't easy to keep coming up with content and keep it enjoyable for both myself and my readers. It becomes rather... repetitive. I am hoping that this will allow me to enjoy blogging once again and to also learn new things myself, I think this could be a lot of fun! However, this is me merely testing the waters.

And so, let me begin to tell you about my wonderful birthday!

For a while this year I was really not looking forward to my birthday. This is not like me, I am always excited for birthdays - my own and other's - because it's a fun celebration. However, when it got to two weeks before and I realised I had not organised anything, I fell into a state of panic. I am a very organised person, especially when it comes to events. I realised I had not done anything I had hoped to do - book a venue, decorations... nor had I even invited a single person to do a single thing - oops.

We had organised a small family meal with myself, my mum's side of the family (my Grannyburger - don't ask - uncle, auntie, cousin and cousin-in-law) and my boyfriend. This was at my currently favourite place to eat ever - The Wayfarer in Stone. It's such a beautiful restaurant and I really have no words to express my love for it. So here's some photos instead. (yes I probably should have gotten a few more, never think about it at the time!)

It was such a lovely evening with the family and some darn good food too! (and a few glasses of champagne, of course!)

My Mum wanted to make my birthday special, and frankly it upset me when I realised I hadn't planned anything with my friends when I knew she'd want it to be a memorable and special day for me. As soon as this hit me, I got to planning. Of course, the only way I could think of in a hurry.

House party with the standard Facebook invitations. And if you know me, you'll know exactly what to expect from one of my house parties. Jelly - lots and lots of alcoholic jelly - and food... Lots and lots of food.

Lately I have been absolutely OBSESSED with Tiffany & Co. My wonderful mum arranged such a beautiful cake to be made for me in such short notice, it really is beautiful, and not to mention, it was delicious!

Yep, it's a huge cupcake cake in Tiffany & Co. colours, topped off with a beautiful icing bow! YUM. And of course, because of this I just HAD to make my own little cupcakes in the same colours...

I must say I was more than proud of myself for these! The icing was a nightmare, but I eventually managed to get the colour to match my big cupcake cake! So... There was a lot of cake, but this wasn't all of the cake! My talented friend, Ellie, has recently started her own cupcake business and I was so thrilled when she offered to make some for my party! (We can never have too much cake, lets be honest) These cakes were so beautifully presented and so gorgeous!

Go ahead to Elle's Belles Cupcakes over on Facebook to see some more of her beautiful cakes and goodies!

So yeah, we had a lot of cake and a lot of jelly! All in all, it was a wonderful way to turn 21, not to mention I had the best company I could have asked for! I have some truly amazing friends and I am so blessed to have had their company on the night. Thank you to everyone for coming along, for the wonderful presents, hilarious and thoughtful birthday cards and for giving me a wonderful 21st birthday!

So here are the only photos I really got of the evening before we went into town and had a few too many drinks. (Remember, drink responsibly...)

OH! And just to top it all off, look at the beautiful present my amazing Mum spoilt me with! I am truly in love with this little beauty!

Now, what I am planning on adding onto my blog is something I'm a little unsure of. As you can see from some (the majority) of the photos in this post... They are of food. I've come to realise over the past couple of months that I am a total foodie, how I never realised this sooner is totally beyond me.

Since the beginning of this year I have really learnt a lot of new recipes and beautiful meals to make, and healthy ones too! Each time I have been so proud of myself for cooking some lovely meals and the outcome has always been great too. This is as well as baking cupcakes and the brownies my friends and family are forever asking me to bake!

So in a nutshell, I am hoping to begin putting some little recipes, cocktails and what not on the blog and maybe even try my hand at some crafty projects to share with you all! That way it keeps my blog constantly changing and it gives me a huge range of different content to share with my readers. I hope this will keep my blog exciting and enjoyable for everyone. I'd love to know what anyone thinks of this idea, just let me know via twitter or facebook.

Thank you for reading and I promise you'll be hearing a lot more from me very soon!

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