Review: Nail Candy, Scandaleyes and Eclipse

Once again it's been a busy time of year - with all of that opening presents and scoffing mountains of food. I hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas and a lovely New Year!

I had planned originally to be bombarding you all with so many reviews and tutorials over the December month, unfortunately and as usual, that didn't go to plan. I like to plan all of these fabulously long posts for you all, and as always things seem to get so busy that I barely have a moment of peace to sit down and write.

However, I am currently in the process of writing a bulk of posts so that hopefully I can get through a few months without disappointing anyone! So, with that, let me continue on my reviews of my little god-send goodie boxes!

The most recent goodie boxes I've been receiving have been absolutely fabulous! I've received some beautiful little perfume samples and some lovely little nail goodies. This fifth box is a superdrug box, and so, with that, let me begin!

3D Candy Nail Art by 2true PRO

I've always been so fascinated by these cute little nail beads and never really given myself the chance to use them.

What I love about these little beads is that they're so different! It's rare for me to see someone who does their nails to have a 3D effect on them. Personally, I find it really fascinating. They make your nails pop instantly, and honestly, once you've done your nails with them, you can't stop looking at them. At first it does feel a little strange, and I was so worried about knocking them all off that I was extra cautious - but I was so pleased with how well they stayed on. In fact they stayed on so well it was basically impossible to remove them! I am yet to find a good technique that can get them pried off my nails - but once I find one, I will share the secret with you all.

Probably far from the best photo of my nails, but I find it very difficult to take a decent photo of any nail art I've done, which is upsetting when my nails are looking wonderful! Hopefully you get the idea though. They are so quirky and I absolutely love them!

All I did for these was pop on a couple of coats of colour and then sprinkled the beads over the top. I then very, VERY lightly pressed them into the polish and then let them set. I'd recommend probably topping them up with a couple of sprinkles to get a full and even coverage and repeating the gentle press down process. I also topped it off with a topcoat to really seal them down. Warning: they go EVERYWHERE and you will find them for DAYS, so a tiny tip - sprinkle them over a box and pour them back into the bottle after you've finished and no beads will go to waste!

Overall, I loved my 3D Nail Candy! I am so glad I received these in this box because, as I've said, I would not have tried them otherwise.

Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara by Rimmel London

And yet again, another mascara for me to try out! I am getting a little overwhelmed with mascaras at the moment, and I can't say I've even received a bad one yet. Here, have a really awful photo of a very tired eye:

I have to say, scandaleyes has possibly got to be one of the best high street mascaras I have been lucky enough to receive yet. It's very easy to apply, although I found the brush a little unusual. This mascara offers a fantastic, even coverage and increases the appearance of your eyelashes by a huge amount! It really is worth trying out, I found it a wonderful product to use!

Eclipse by GHOST Fragrances
£33 for 50ml from

There isn't really a lot I can write about a fragrance, because I can't show you any results, and you just really have to take my judgement on it. What I can say is that I found Eclipse a bit of a strange fragrance. While I absolutely adore the smell it's also not something I'd particularly wear myself. The fragrance is truly a beautiful floral smell, however for me I find it a little bit overpowering, perhaps more of a strong evening perfume as opposed to a light daytime fragrance. Personally I prefer sweet and fruity fragrances, or basically anything vanilla based, however this really is a beautiful smell - and that's saying a lot considering I'm very fussy when it comes to perfumes!

I am absolutely adoring this box so far, as you can probably tell! It's a superdrug based box, so all of the contents can be purchased online (the link is provided with each product above) or in store. My overall ratings of this box (so far) is very high up, possibly even my favourite one to date! Hopefully the other goodies in here are just as wonderful!

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this little review, I'd love to know what you think and to hear any of your opinions on the products I've reviewed today! Please get in touch via:

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