Review: BB Cream, Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss and Oil Beauty

For January and February I have decided to give myself the task of really boosting up my blog posts. I feel as though I've slacked a lot recently due to being so busy, so I would like to take this time to make up for that. I've decided to not only post to my usual schedule - Wednesdays - but also to include Fridays! In a nut shell, you're going to be bombarded with double the amount of blog posts for the next two months - and boy, I'm really planning some exciting things for you all, possibly including a few little tutorials and some helpful tips.

Anyway, enough of that, I'll stop rambling on and get on with my review!

Today I'm going to finish off the last few products of my fifth subscription box. If you can remember, this is a Superdrug box, meaning every product can be purchased online or in store at Superdrug. The link to their store will be included within each of the reviews.

Large Doughnut Ring

Funnily enough, I thought I'd kick start my review with a product I can't really say much about! More than anything I just wanted to show you the doughnut. As I've just said, there isn't much I can tell you about this doughnut ring that you probably don't already know (if not, just click HERE and you'll understand straight away). I have to be totally honest and tell you now that I am completely and utterly useless when it comes to hair - as many of my friends know, I have four hair styles: straight, curly, thrown up/scraped back into a ponytail or my "bedtime bun" (where I literally just shove it up in the messiest manner possible and tie a bobble around it because I'm so tired and all I want to do is get to bed!) So unfortunately, I can't even attempt putting my hair into this doughnut without it flopping out or missing about half of it! Believe me, I have tried... A lot. Don't worry, I will try and improve this so I can hopefully show you some stunning hairstyles during 2015.

Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss by I Love Cosmetics
£1.29 for 15ml from

"Feel scrumptious with a burst of fresh strawberries and smooth yummy milkshake."

Personally, that description didn't exactly sell the product to me!

I can't honestly say I've ever been a massive fan of lip gloss but I gave this one a try anyway. The

smell of the product is really very sweet, and funnily enough, smells of strawberries (and milkshake?). Genuinely, the smell is actually really lovely, it is just very sweet.

Unfortunately the texture gets to me, as it does with most lip glosses. I always find lip gloss far too sticky to keep on, and as a result, end up wiping it off within minutes. This is usually due to taking one step outside and the slightest gust of wind making every hair on my head glue to my lips - no, thank you!

However, putting that opinion to the side, the appearance of this gloss actually does look nice. It gives a really nice shine, your lips look fuller and feel so hydrated.

BB Cream Original by Garnier
£9.99 for 50ml from

"This all-in-one moisturiser combines pigments for immediately perfect-looking skin. It evens, covers, illuminates, hydrates and protects with SPF 15. Application: "Use on top of or instead of your moisturiser (depending on your skin type) to get a lightweight and natural-looking healthy glow."

Having read over the notes I had jotted down about this product, I laughed at the fact I'd written "it smells nice". I, quite literally and out loud, asked myself "why have I written that a BB cream smells nice?! Is it even supposed to smell at all?" and of course, opened up this BB cream. Sure enough, it actually smells pretty good, which is perhaps a little bit of a strange thing to notice about a BB cream, but either way, the cream that you are putting onto your face doesn't smell unpleasant! So there's a bonus!

I do love using BB creams, I may have mentioned it in an earlier review post of a BB cream (the first I'd ever used) how it is so much more lightweight than using a foundation, yet still offers a good coverage! BB creams have a tendency to stop agreeing with my skin, otherwise I would use them all of the time.

Unfortunately, the coverage of this cream wasn't the best I have used, however it isn't a bad coverage at all and is even. Overall, I would say it's a good product, it does really do all that the box says and offers a wonderful range of benefits, such as: SPF 15, an even coverage, evening your skin tone out, helping with hydration and it's a really light weight and comfortable product to use on your face. Plus, it includes Vitamin C and antioxidants, which helps keeps your skin moisturised and healthy.

Oil Beauty Lotion by Garnier
£33 for 50ml from

"Rich, nourishing texture - Fast-absorbing - Non-greasy - Non-sticky - Dermatologically tested" - from the sachet

Unfortunately, the first and last "reviews" of this post aren't that much fun for you to read, mostly because the first product I am useless with and this last product I can't even use.

"Discover the nourishing power of the Oil Beauty Lotion infused with 4 oils - Argan, Macadamia, Almond & Rose - to visibly improve and perfect the look of your skin." - from the sachet

"Enriched with essential nutrients, the Oil Beauty Lotion helps replenish the skin with moisture and reinforce its barrier function to prevent it from feeling dry. Your skin feels softer and silky-smooth." - from the sachet

Upon opening my little goodie box, I didn't exactly check the ingredients straight away, that's never really my first instinct with products. Basically, I have a very severe nut allergy - I'm anaphylactic. Which means life threatening allergic reactions. My allergies haven't quite reached that life threatening stage JUST yet and the reactions to nuts actually worsen with each one. While the last one wasn't QUITE life threatening, it has reached the throat-and-mouth-starting-to-close-up-slightly stage, so you can understand why I'd very much like to steer clear from any possible chance of going into anaphylactic shock! So, unfortunately for me, this lovely sounding product contains almond and macadamia oil, which is really disappointing and means that I can't use it as they are both nut oils.

Although I can't use the product to give you an honest review on it, I can explain the product from what I've researched and it's benefits to you.

"The Oil Beauty Lotion nourishes like an oil and absorbs like a cream, leaving the skin visibly more radiant and subtly fragranced." - from the sachet

I have looked into the four oils used in this product for you all. I've taken out what I consider to be the most important, key benefits of these oils and summed it up below. This essentially sums up the products benefits and also backs up what the product claims to provide you with. If you would like to read more into the oils and their benefits, just click on the oil name in the list below and you will be directed to websites which I have used to collect the following information:

  1. Argan oil: Moisturiser (Softens and hydrates the skin. Non-greasy and non-irritable. Easily absorbed into the skin. Contains a high level of vitamin E and fatty acid content, which gives the skin a natural boost), anti-aging (Anti-oxidant effect. Restores elasticity.), helps with acne (non-greasy and anti-oxidants.), protection and healing (again, antioxidants are great for healing skin that is cracked, damaged or burnt as well as helping with skin that is irritated)
  2. Almond oil: Healthier skin (rich in vitamin A, B and E. Helps maintain the moisture balance of the skin. Doesn't block pores.), reduces dark circles, delayed signs of aging (helps to renew the skin cells, resulting in healthier looking skin - providing you exfoliate accordingly, otherwise your skin can look dull as the new cells are produced), solution for psoriasis and eczema (helps with inflammation and irritation)
  3. Macadamia oil: Infuses skin with moisture (doesn't leave skin feeling greasy or slimy, although it is absorbed easily), firms skin while maintaining a youthful appearance (macadamia oil restores your skin's palmitoleic acid levels - which decrease as you age - discouraging wrinkles and keeping your skin taut)
  4. Rose oilUnfortunately I could not find much on rose oil, however: it can be used on all skin types, helps maintain your skin's moisture level, astringent effect on capillaries (reduces redness, therefore it's popular within sensitive skin products)
I hope that the above information is useful to you, and I apologise for not actually being able to give you a proper review on this product!

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I do apologise for not being able to use the final beauty product and being so utterly useless when it comes to hairstyling! Regardless of these little hiccups, I really do hope you've enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what you have to say! Please feel free to contact me any time about any of my posts or in general. You can get in touch with me or keep up to date with my posts via:

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Thank you again and have a lovely weekend!