You Could Say This is a MAC Haul!: Gleam, Nylon, Pink Venus, Trax and Captive

Oops, I’ve gone and done it again. Spent perhaps a little too much time in a MAC store and before I know it, I’ve left with a mascara, a lipstick and four eye shadows (plus two more eye shadows for my friend…).  I think it’s about time I came clean with everyone and I admit it: I have a problem. I have a serious addiction to MAC Cosmetics.

As soon as I returned home with my beautiful (and expensive but totally worth it - but my debit card seems to boldly disagree) make-up, all I wanted to do was get a review in. So, finally, here I am reviewing them, and I figured these little beauties were a perfect way to start up my blog!

Yes, I am aware I’ve been neglecting my blog massively for months now, and it’s been very stressful for me. I love blogging, I love getting feedback from people about my blog and before I started neglecting it, I was beginning to receive positive feedback from so many people and it shocked me to find out people who I actually knew – yes, like, in real life! Not just from my twitter post-promotions! – were reading, BENEFITING and ENJOYING my blog! It really gave me so much more confidence to continue with my blog, but admittedly the summer has been very hectic and I’ve been working basically full time at my job. I have now started back at college and I am still doing a lot of hours at work on top of that, so I am a little worried about the little time I’m getting to myself to blog, study for college as well as my online course (which I haven’t even had a second to study since May, yes, MAY.), sleep, eat… breathe! But I will post and queue posts as often as I can because to me hearing that people like my writing style is so important!

Eyeshadows £13.00 each
“Nylon”                      Frost
“Pink Venus”             Lustre
“Gleam”                     Lustre
“Trax”                        Velvet

Lipstick £15.50 each
“Captive”                   Satin

After spending at least half an hour testing out eyeshadows on the back of my hand, I found four that I instantly just fell in love with. Side-by-side were Nylon and Pink Venus, with two different finishes, both just as beautiful as each other, they somehow work beautifully together. Both with a silver based shimmer they blend so beautifully together! I find this such a lightweight and stunning daytime look. Word of warning, Pink Venus might make your face a little bit glittery! So it’s ideal to apply loose powder under your eyes before you apply the shadow and to sweep it off after you’ve finished your eye make-up.

I found Gleam and Trax equally blended together beautifully, however it’s a darker look and more appropriate for an evening look. Trax is a dark purple with a golden shimmer, and Gleam is a pink-based shadow with a golden gleam. So similarly to the Pink Venus-Gleam combination, they blend together beautifully due to their shimmer colours.

Left: Trax and Gleam
Right: Pink Venus and Nylon

And as any of Mac’s beautifully coloured lipsticks, Captive is just perfect. The matte colour with a satin finish is absolutely stunning and gives such a bold lip look. I instantly fell in love with the colour and also how easily it glides on, however this could be said about any of their lipsticks.

Now, I am going to try and control this little problem I seem to have developed recently, and trust me it’s not going to be easy seeing all of the beautiful eyeshadows and lipstick shades! Hopefully I will calm down though, because as it stands I have SO many beautiful and amazing products to share with you, I just couldn’t resist this being my first comeback post!

Thank you all for reading!

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