You Could Say This is a Beauty Haul: Dragon Egg, Fudge Sauna, Porefessional

Hello again, ladies!

It's been such a long time since I last posted anything on here, and it's really been getting me down. Lately I've really not had a whole lot of time. I started an online wedding planning course, alongside being key holder at work - essentially at the moment standing in as management-that's-not-EXACTLY-management - and working pretty much almost full time hours the past few weeks, as well as seeing my friends and family, I've not had a chance to do anything! In fact, I've really not had the chance to study my new course which is a real bummer for me! Hopefully things will calm down over the next couple of weeks and I can get studying and posting again. For now, I'll have to use the free time I have until my shift today to get some posts written and queued for publish over the next couple of weeks!

Today I want to go through some products I've had a little purchase of. I have to say, although not blogging has really sucked, it's given me a chance to build up on a LOT of beautiful products to get blogging about! I am so excited to introduce you to these incredible products, while not all of them have been great - as always, I will give my honest opinion on products - a lot of them have been PERFECTION.

Benefit's Porefessional

As I tend to be with any primer, I wasn't quite sure about this product when I picked it up, but I thought I really should give it a go! Since I was okay with Baby Skin, but not so thrilled, I figured maybe it was a matter of just finding a primer that I personally adored!

First thing I noticed was this primer has colour, Baby Skin doesn't, but that didn't bother me once it blended flawlessly into my skin and left it feeling so silky smooth. Porefessional is very lightweight and it does feel so beautiful on your skin. It advises to target your troubled areas and sweep outwards from the centre of the face. My "troubled area" is typically my T-Zone, so I started from my nose, sweeping across my cheeks, and applied a little on my chin - all the time starting at the centre of my face, sweeping outwards.

What I like about Porefessional is that it's made no change to my skin condition! My skin hasn't become dry nor oily, I've had no breakouts - it's just stayed how it always has been!

Overall, I find Porefessional by Benefit Cosmetics a beautiful product, and one that I would recommend! If I do ever decide to get into using primers, this will be the one for me!

LUSH Cosmetics Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

Up until my mad purchase on about twenty LUSH bath bombs, I'd never been much of a bath product kind of girl. I'd never bothered purchasing expensive soaps, bubble baths or even given bath bombs a second look. However, one day I saw someone post a beautiful photo of a bath bomb from LUSH and I decided it looked "pretty cool" and that I wanted to give it a go. Visiting the website and not having a clue which bath bomb this beauty blogger had posted a photo of, I ended up slowly adding almost every bomb into my basket in hope that "one of these HAS to be the right one!"

While, that might seem like a very ridiculous idea - purchasing a good £40 worth of bath bombs just because I wanted to figure out which one was in a photo I'd seen - it turned out to be an AMAZING idea. Yes, I do now have a heavy box full of bath bombs and soaps to use up, and more so from my birthday now that my friends and family know I have turned into a bath-bombaholic, but I find myself so excited to use them and find out what they're like and what cool colours they turn my bath water!

I'll stop rambling now and get to reviewing the bath bomb, which you've probably figured out by now - I LOVE IT.

In a nutshell... I do love it. I opened it, swizzled it around a little, checked out all of the cute confetti looking multicoloured things that were wedged into the powder ball. Smelled beautiful, by the way, I could smell it the second I opened the packaging! A beautiful citrusy fruity smell, I loved it!

I let it off into the water and it went spinning and whizzing around the bath, fizzing away, letting all of these trapped blue and pink confetti pieces out as it spun. Then it cracked open a little and all of this bright orange bubbly fizz started bursting out of it along with glitter (yes, it had GLITTER in it!) and popping candy. I felt like a child again. Watching it change colour and spin and fizz, being mesmerised over the glitter and the loud popping sound that my bath was now making.

I got into the still popping and fizzing water and found it so relaxing, regardless of now being bathed in dark, orange water. The smell was refreshing and relaxing and generally it was just beautiful.

I can't explain how excited I was over this bath bomb, although you can probably tell as I've suddenly turned into a child at Christmas just remembering what it was like! Overall, this bath bomb was beautiful, relaxing and fun. I was so eager and excited to try another one!

Montagne Jeunesse's Fudge Sauna Self Heating Face Mask

Yeah, this is the same brand of face masks that I have posted before from by Beauty Box. Funnily enough, I didn't purchase this one recently, in fact I found it in a box in my room along with about ten other face masks! So, I thought I may as well give it a go and see what it would do for me!

While this mask was not a mud mask nor a peel off mask like the other two Montagne Jeunesse face masks I have reviewed, I thought trying a self heating face mask would be an interesting change to what I'm used to using. And yes, it really was.

It smelt beautiful and edible once I opened it. Really, I wanted to eat it, it even looked like melted fudge! I smothered it across my face and part of me regretted it instantly. I hopped into my bath bombed bath and relaxed. Then after a little while I felt a hot trickle going down my face. The next thing I know, the mask is dripping all over the place and as I try and wipe it off, it seemed to just get worse and stickier! I mean, look how thick it was - it had only been on for a minute when I took this photo and already it's dripping off my nose and chin! My face does just scream "help me this was a mistake!"

Honestly, the feeling of this mask was horrible, it was thick and sticky - just like fudge would be (so well done to the company for that fudge-like texture!), but for a mask, you don't want that on your face! Even trying to wash it off was difficult because it was so thick. I was washing it off and off and off, trying to avoid it dripping into my eyes, mouth and all over the bathroom, and it seemed never ending! I thought I would never get it all off! The self heating thing was pretty nice, and it felt very strange but in a relaxing way, but the thickness and messiness of the product really put me off. It did, however, leave my skin feeling very refreshed, warm and soft! So, really there's a lot of pros and cons to this little mask!

So there we have it, some of the most recent beauty products I've picked up and felt worthy of a review! I really am hoping to get back into my blogging soon, I've missed it such a lot! I hope you guys are still interested in reading my posts and keeping in touch, the blogging community is such a lovely one to be a part of!

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