Review: Pout Polish, Shimmer Powder and Juicy Couture

Hello everybody!

It's been a while since I've reviewed a few products out of my little beauty boxes, and today I want to talk about a few little bits I got months ago! I got some lovely little samples in this box, including two Juicy Couture perfumes, a 60 second hair treatment by Dove, Mitchell and Peach body cream, Pout Polish by Sleep MakeUp and a Bellapierre shimmer powder.

Juicy Couture's Malibu Collection (orange) & Couture Lala (pink)
£47 for 75ml each from

The orange Malibu perfume by Juicy Couture smelt beautiful. It was a light smell, not too strong and heavy, it was very sweet and fruity and would be a beautiful everyday perfume. It struck me as more of a casual perfume, as opposed to one you'd probably be more likely to wear for special occasions or evening outings.

In comparison, I didn't enjoy the pink Couture Lala as much. It was still a very fruity smell, but it's not something I'd personally wear. I found it heavier than the orange, and would perhaps be more suitable for an evening as opposed to the other being more of a daytime perfume.

While I liked the Malibu perfume, I wasn't overly struck with either. I enjoyed the fruity, sweet smell but I personally wouldn't buy either of them.

Sleek MakeUp's Pout Polish in "Chocolate Kiss"
£4.49 for 10g from

For me, personally, I again wasn't too struck with this product. Colourwise, I like brighter and bolder lipsticks and glosses. Chocolate Kiss was more of a neutral colour, which was barely visible once applied. It smelt beautiful, almost like coconut, and it was nourishing. It made my lips feel so soft, so I'd perhaps be more inclined to purchase a more pink or red coloured Pout Polish. There isn't really a lot to say about this product, however I did enjoy using the product overall. It felt lovely on and smelt so sweet, however I don't think that the colour was bold enough for me. If it was perhaps a clear balm or, like I said, a pink or red toned balm, I would be more inclined to purchase the product again and use it regularly.

Bellápierre Cosmetic's Shimmer Powder in "Antiqa"
£12.99 for 2.35g from

Honestly, this product I was disappointed with. It looks beautiful in the container; beautiful colour, beautiful shimmer - however, it's a completely different story once applied. At least, not for the subtle look I tried to achieve with it. For me, I don't like to go too bold with a lot of sparkle on my eyes, perhaps that's down to a matter of finding a product I enjoy using and find suitable! This Shimmer Powder, was not. When I tried to apply it for a subtle look, suitable for daytime, it came off quite patchy and there wasn't an even coverage. In fact, I found that it made me look like I had a black eye!

So, to sum it up, I really didn't enjoy this product and in an honest opinion, I wouldn't recommend it to someone. Sorry, Bellápierre!

Thank you for reading, everybody! I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm sorry that the products I used in this post weren't the best and didn't have great reviews, I promise some wonderful and beautiful products will be on here soon! To me, I wouldn't be doing my blogging properly without fairly reviewing every product that I receive and giving an honest opinion on the products!

If anyone has any questions or has had different experiences with any of the products I've mentioned on my blog, I would be interested to hear them! You can contact me via:

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Thank you again!