You Could Say This is a Studded Kiss Haul!!: Cathedral, Thin Lizzy, Vampira and Wolvesmouth

Well hello again, lovely ladies!

Recently I've gone a little bit crazy for lipstick and find myself coming out of make-up stores with an arm covered in swatches. Today I'm so desperate to tell you about these down right beautiful lipsticks I have found myself completely falling in love with!

It all started on tumblr when a photo of some lipsticks caught my eye, it had no brand name on the image but instead; the shade names. So, of course I went to trusty google for a search and it turns out these beautiful little things are a part of Kat Von D's lipstick range "Studded Kiss". I instantly searched for the four shades I'd fallen in love with from the image, and before I knew it I'd spent £80 on them (postage included). Whoooops!

I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful spend that was. Before I'd even opened the boxes to look at the lipsticks, the packaging was so beautiful! An embossed studded look on the box, and lipstick cases moulded to be studded all around - amazing - not to mention the engraved Kat Von D logo on the lipstick!
The shades I've purchased are:

Cathedral: A matte, neutral pinky brown colour. Cathedral is the most natural colour out of the four, so personally this would be an everyday daytime lipstick. (Unfortunately the colour of cathedral doesn't show up a lot in photos, I tried my best!)

Thin Lizzy: A pink, almost glittery, colour. Not too heavy, probably more ideal for a little, more subtle and shimmery kick on a daytime look. I absolutely adore this colour! I find Thin Lizzy a beautifully build-able colour, you can layer it up without it up and it'll hold this flawless, even coverage!

Vampira: A deep, matte pinky-red shade. Absolutely beautiful colour and ideal for a dark evening look. Vampira is a truly beautiful colour, however I find it a little difficult to build up the colour for a bold lip. I always give my lipstick two to three coats, depending on the boldness of colour and the look I wish to achieve, however I find applying a second or third coat of Vampira a little difficult and it appears streaky. It's a shame but it's still a stunning colour that perhaps I'll stick to one coat in the future!

Wolvesmouth: A deep purple, with VERY little shimmer, but just enough so that it's not matte. The minimal shimmer gives an almost glossy finish. I find Wolvesmouth a beautifully dark evening look. Possibly my favourite out of the four, it's a flawless lipstick with such a beautifully even coverage and finish.

All four are absolutely beautiful colours in their own way. Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipsticks are available from Sephora and are sold at $21 (£12.91) each!

I hope you've all enjoyed this blog post and I would love to hear any feedback from anyone who has tried these beautiful products. I'm always interested to hear what you have to say! Get in touch with me via:

Twitter: @EmilyJeanGC
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Happy spending!