LOW FAT Breakfast: Asparagus Dippy Eggs

Hello everybody and welcome new readers!

I am so excited to be launching my first ever Foodie post on the blog! I decided today to start off with a quick and easy, deliciously low fat breakfast to get everyone started for the week!

What you'll need:
- 2 eggs
- A handful of asparagus
- Salt (preferably sea or pink himalayan salt)
- Virgin olive oil

Overall Time - 15 minutes
Prep - 5 minutes // Cook - 10 minutes

Step 1 - Prepare!
I always like to fill up a saucepan with water and bring to the boil as I'm preparing my asparagus.
Tip: I always speed this up by boiling the kettle first! Put the water over a medium heat and let it start bubbling on its own.

Cut away the woody ends off of the asparagus and give them a good rinse under the cold tap.
In a frying pan add a small splash of virgin olive oil (if you're feeling a little naughty, you could always but in a small nob of slightly salted butter - the oil will also prevent the butter from burning in the pan!) and turn the heat onto low-medium heat.

Make sure that the oil doesn't get too hot and start to spit, this will be far too hot and might burn the asparagus! I always find it's best to not rush asparagus and to let it heat up in the warm oil before adjusting the temperature.

Step 2 - Throw it in!
Don't literally throw it in please, after all you are dealing with hot oil!

PLACE the asparagus into the frying pan. Occasionally splashing a little oil over them with a spatula (or something of the sort!)

Once the oil starts to bubble, try and turn them over and then grind salt over the asparagus.

Step 3 - Eggs!
Place your eggs very carefully into the boiling water. Do take good care carrying out this step as you don't want to burn yourself! Leave the eggs for 5 minutes (for a medium-large sized egg) to achieve a lovely, runny yoke and then remove them from the water.

Check your eggs are done enough for you by taking the top off of one egg (be careful, the eggs are of course very hot!). If it isn't done enough for you, carefully try to place the egg back in the water as a whole. I usually use a slotted spoon or a spaghetti server (sounds a little strange - but it works a treat!) to hold the egg together just under the boiling water for a few seconds until it seals itself back together! This way you can still have your egg in one piece without ruining it.

The asparagus I usually take out after around 10 minutes. If the oil isn't close to burning and the pan isn't getting dry, I do tend to leave them in with the heat turned down to keep them warm until I get the eggs to my liking! Make sure that the oil in the pan isn't burning and keep an eye on your asparagus, make sure that it doesn't burn and keep them turning over every few minutes to make sure they're getting cooked evenly!

Step 4 - Serve it up!
Once you've taken the eggs out and they are to your liking, remove the asparagus and place them on top of a few sheets of kitchen paper. Then use a couple more sheets of kitchen paper to just place over them and pat down gently onto the asparagus. This just soaks up any excess oil and stop them from being greasy.

Once the asparagus is served onto the plate next to your eggs, you may want to just grind a small amount of salt onto the asparagus. I usually do this and sprinkle just a little over my eggs too!

Step 5 - Enjoy!

I absolutely adore this quick and super easy breakfast. You can use different oils depending on which you prefer to use with cooking - I tend to use virgin olive oil or even a 1-calorie-spray. The less oil, the better! Just as long as the pan never dries out and the oil doesn't burn, it'll turn out beautifully.

I hope you enjoy this lovely treat as much as I do!
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Thank you for reading, until next week!