My First Blogger Meet Up - Birmingham!

On Sunday 16th August I went to my first ever blogger meet up! I know it's a good few weeks ago now, but things have been ever so hectic lately with sorting University and accommodation and moving and streaming and EVERYTHING that I've just found myself so short on time! Finally I am getting around to posting about some really exciting things and I am absolutely loving it.

The meet up was in Birmingham and organised by one of my wonderful friends, Bex.

11am - Benefit Boutique

Our first treat for the day was turning up to Benefit in Debenhams and I was absolutely in love! I haven't been into Debenhams in the Bullring Shopping Centre for years, and it had all changed around and looks absolutely beautiful. I was just in awe of the Benefit counter, I was in make-up heaven!

We were greeted by two beautiful and lovely members of staff who had set out some gorgeous little cupcakes a glass of Bucks Fizz for us - one way to win my heart, for sure!

We were then taken around a little tour of their new boutique, which to say the least, was absolutely adorable!

They have a little room with a couch for waxing appointments, and another room for spray tans! Just outside these little rooms on the shop floor were little stalls where the eye treatments were. This included brow waxing and tinting.

And as most make-up counters have, they of course had their little make-over stands where you could sit down and have your make-up done by the professionals!

Everywhere was just so beautiful and clean, so well presented that I could have easily spent my whole day browsing and chilling out in there! It's safe to say that I fell completely in love with the store there and then!

The staff at Benefit were so friendly and really welcoming. They gave two of the girls a little make-over and offered brow waxes for free and a brow tint! The following images are of a couple of the girls having their little makeovers (and in the background a brow wax/tint going on)!

After we finished at Benefit we had some time to chill out before we headed over to The Body Shop!

We were greeted with such a friendly lady who introduced herself and was the manager of the store. She was so lovely with us all and she helped me out with a few questions I had about some products I've purchased in the past from them. All of the staff were so lovely and chatty, we all had a laugh and a lovely time talking to them all!

It was explained that it was their Spa Range Launch that day, and so we were told we would be given a mini introduction and sample of this range. Glass of squash in hand and pen in the other, we filled out a little card which helped determine which products would benefit us and suit our needs perfectly!

We were given a sample of a mask on one arm which was applied with an amazingly soft brush, Spa of the World Body Mask Brush, and the other arm we had exfoliated as the clay mask dried.

The exfoliator used on me was the Dead Sea Salt Scrub. It felt a little strange at first, but I was soon used to it. The feel of my skin after was beautiful, it was so soft and felt so fresh.

This was then followed with a beautiful moisturising mousse-like cream called Hawaiian Kukui Cream which smelt incredible! It didn't leave my skin feeling oily or slippy, it just felt nourished and soft.

The mask that was put onto my other hand, which was the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay, was washed off gently with warm water. I then had a beautiful hand and arm massage using Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil. Ah, I could have fallen asleep!

Again, I found myself browsing the store for our entire time there. I was just so in love with the whole layout of the store and how beautifully presented everything was. I just wanted to photograph everything... And I pretty much did! Not sure if there was a product left over in the store for me to take a photograph of!

To finish the day off, we had another look around the stores in the Bullring and ended up at Pizza Hut having dinner together!

I was so nervous at the start of the day, but when I got home I looked back on the day and was so glad that I had the opportunity to go and meet new people and see these wonderful stores. I am now so excited for any future blogger meet ups that I may have the chance to attend, and I really do hope that this opportunity does arise again.

Thank you Bex for the wonderful day, and thank you to all of the other girls that were at the meetup! Everyone was so lovely and I had such a great day talking to everyone. To me it felt wonderful being around people who really loved and appreciated the same things.

Until next week!