FASHION!: Summer Evening (Summer 2015)

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry that this post is a little late, I was due to post on Sunday, however I landed back in England in the very early hours of Wednesday after an amazing couple of days in Dublin. There will be a post very soon on everything that's happened in Dublin for those who may be interested as it has been a very important and special trip for myself.

So, today I'm going to post the last of the outfits I've put together recently. As you know from my previous two FASHION! posts, a lot of the items in these outfits have either gone into the sale or actually sold out. I have decided to go through the last four outfits and have now replaced all of the items that have sold out. I have left any reduced items in there because I really do adore all of the original items that I had chosen for each outfit and I really didn't want to alter them too much!

After swimwear and daytime outfits, I decided it'd be a good idea to put together some evening looks. I've tried to make each of the outfits a little different from one another in terms of colour and style that will appeal to a variety of my readers. I hope you enjoy!


I was so desperate to pull a deep red outfit together with some bold make-up and I finally rounded up all of the perfect pieces to put the look together. I find this entire outfit a really classy look and the bold lip and dark eye make-up really makes the outfit pop!

Get The Look for £90.46 (F/P)
Dress from New Look for £19.99
Shoes from New Look for £24.99
Bag from New Look for £15.99
Eyeshadow from Boots for £4.99
Paparazzi Nail Varnish from Ciaté for £9.00
Lipstick in Dubonnet from MAC for £15.50

Accessory Swap
When it comes to evening wear there is absolutely always room in your wardrobe for that perfect little black dress. Why? Well, because black outfits are SO easy to dress up with accessories. I decided to take a beautiful black dress, which is neither too dressy nor too casual, and show you two different outfits that can be made around the one dress. When it comes to putting outfits together, accessories really are key and can change your entire look.

Get The BLUE Look for £139.49
Dress from New Look for £19.99
Shoes from Debenhams for £55.00
Purse from New Look for NOW £7.00 (WAS £14.99)
Bracelet from Debenhams for NOW £21.00 (WAS £30.00)
Headband from Debenhams for £12.00
Pool Party Nail Varnish from Ciaté for £9.00
Lipstick in Japanese Maple from MAC for £15.50

Get The PINK Look for £69.77
Dress from New Look for £19.99
Shoes from New Look for NOW £12.00 (WAS £27.99)
Bag from New Look for £12.99
Hair Clip from New Look for £2.99
Golden Sands Nail Varnish from Ciaté for NOW £6.30 (WAS £9.00)
Lipstick in Myth from MAC for £15.50

Bold & Bright

And of course, room should also be made for that one perfectly bold outfit. I absolutely adore bright and bold looks that are slightly toned down with either black or white accessories. Seeing as it is summer, I felt that white would be a great choice for accessories - especially in summer. I found the most beautiful white jacket which I have completely fallen in love with, as well as these beautiful white, open-toe heels. And just to pull the bright lime all together, why not let your make-up really stand out with Lime Crime's eyeliner in Citreuse?

Get The Look for £182.53 (F/P)
Playsuit from Topshop for £48.00
Shoes from New Look for £27.99
Bag from Topshop for £25.00
Jacket from Topshop for £48.00
Snow Virgin Nail Varnish from Ciaté for £9.00
Lipstick in Japanese Maple from MAC for £15.50
Eyeliner in Citreuse from LimeCrime for £9.04 ($14.00)

Colour Collect

This outfit is just full of beautiful colours in tones that just belong together. A rich royal blue, nude, white and pale blue - of course with a little black thrown in there to tie up all of the loose ends! I absolutely adore this look because - and I stand by this point - accessories really make or break an outfit, and in this case, they really make it. I've chosen all of the accessories so carefully to make sure that the colours all match perfectly with the outfit. This was really about bringing all of the different colours together and making them all stand out, instead of having just one colour being centre of attention!

Get The Look for £122.48
Top from New Look for NOW £12.00 (WAS £25.00)
Skirt from New Look for NOW £7.00 (WAS £14.99)
Shoes from Debenhams for £55.00
Bag from New Look for £12.99
Necklace from New Look for £9.99
Headband from New Look for NOW £1.00 (WAS £2.99)
Unrestricted Glam Nail Varnish from Ciaté for £9.00
Lipstick in Japanese Maple from MAC for £15.50

Thank you for reading, I hope that you've enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together. I will still be posting again tomorrow to keep on top of my usual Sunday schedule and I have some beautiful products that I can't wait to show you all!

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