You Could Say This is a MAC Haul: Coppering, Hangup, In Extreme and Liquidlast

Happy New Year all, I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Years!

So, for the last few weeks now I've been pretty much hooked on Mac Cosmetics. I've always admired from afar and thought about buying some of their products but for some reason I put it off. When I realised I wanted to go down the make-up and beauty career path, I decided to give them a go. So in the space of a week I went from owning none of Mac's cosmetics to owning 8 eye shadows, an eye cream, lipstick, two eyeliners, mascara, brush and a cosmetics bag. OOPS. Given the cosmetics bag with the eye cream, an eyeliner, brush and mascara was a gift - as were three eyeshadows and the lipstick - I'm feeling very proud of my quickly growing collection.

I just wanted to write a quick little post on four of the products as I've found them absolutely fabulous!
To begin with, the eyeshadow "Coppering", £12.50. All of mac's eyeshadows are absolutely fantastic, you can apply them as lightly or heavily as you desire and they look absolutely beautiful and flawless either way. They have such even coverage, they're easy to blend and they stay on FOREVER, seriously it is almost impossible to get their eyeshadows off (unless you're using make-up remover) so you don't have to worry about reapplying any of it throughout the day.

"Coppering" is a colour I'm going to write about because it compliments my eye colour a lot. I have huge brown eyes and I've always found it difficult to wear eyeshadow unless it's black or grey, so I usually avoid wearing eyeshadow at all costs. However, Coppering is a metallic colour with a very rusty look and tone to it, which I adore. But this metallic, rusty colour really does compliment brown eyes. I still go subtle with it as I'm still coming out of my shell with wearing eyeshadows and I'm not quite comfortable piling the stuff on just yet, but like I said before - the beauty with Mac eyeshadows is that no matter how much or little you put on, it still looks beautiful, flawless and effortless.

The mascara from my beautiful little cosmetic bag, is the Mac In Extreme Dimension Mascara (alone is £18.00). Wow. Just, wow. Now, I've kept myself safe with my Maybelline Volum' Express One By One Mascara for literally years, but I decided to give this beautiful looking Mac mascara a go. While the mascara itself is amazing, I'm not 100% sure on the brush. For the first couple of days I used a wiped down One By One Mascara brush with the Mac mascara, simply because I am so used to using such a bulky, round brush and the Mac brush has shorter bristles and is a little too angular for my liking. However I'm slowly starting to get used to the Mac brush after a few gos, but I do find myself using my One By One Brush to go back over my eyelashes once I've applied a little mascara, just to separate my lashes so they look fuller. I think this is the reason I don't like the brush so much, because the bristles are short and there are far less of them and also because they're slightly more spaced apart than what I'm used to, they seem to clump my eyelashes together. Saying that, the mascara itself definitely masks my lashes look absolutely enormous! So combined with my One By One brush that makes my lashes look fuller and my In Extreme Dimension brush which makes my lashes look incredibly long, I think I've found myself a good little combination which works perfectly for me.

My sister in law bought me the lipstick by Mac in Hang Up for Christmas. (Mac lipsticks cost around £15.00) I can safely say this shade is right up my street. It's a reddish purple, and I am in love with deep reds and dark purple lipsticks. Absolutely no lipstick appeals to me more than these two colours, so this lipstick really hit the spot when I realised I'd yet again lost my Topshop Inhibition lipstick. Perfect colour. Again, as well as the eyeshadow the lipstick colour lasts so well and the coverage is beautiful. It feels soft and glossy on your lips, not to mention it smells beautiful! Although I did say the colour lasts, it is obviously not as good at lasting as the eyeshadows are, so you do need to top them up, but definitely a lot less than you would need to top up any other lipstick! Beautiful lipstick and I am truly in love with it!

Last but not least, Mac's Liquidlast Liner, £15.00. It's safe to say when it comes to using liquid eyeliners on myself I'm pretty much useless and terrified. You've just done some beautiful makeup, you're really impressed with the eyeshadow and then you plonk on a load of black liquid eyeliner and it goes horribly wrong and you have to start all over again! So I made a very brave and bold decision when it came to purchasing this eyeliner, considering it is really the first liquid liner I've ever bought with the intention of actually using frequently. I'm still trying to get used to using the liner and I'm still messing it up horrifically, I have to remember practice makes perfect and to take my time with it! I'm slowly getting better and I'm doing well in keeping my patience with it, usually by now I'd have given up and thrown it away, but I am determined to be able to do flawless makeup for myself. 

Although I'm absolutely no good at using the eyeliner, I can very safely say that it is an incredible liner. Once it's set and is dry to touch, it really doesn't budge. It takes a lot to get it off, which is great for it lasting the day, not so great if you smudge it - which I have unfortunately learnt after several makeup mishaps. I think once I'm actually good at doing liquid liner on myself I will be absolutely in love with this matte black liquid liner, because it truly is a beautiful eyeliner. Not to mention the brush is a light and soft sponge, which I find great because as well as being soft, it's sturdy so it doesn't flop around everywhere like the thin, hair brushes seem to do! I really urge eyeliner wearers to consider purchasing the product because even now I would not for a second hesitate on using this eyeliner on a paying client and I would be 100% confident in doing so.

Overall my first little collection of Mac is growing well and all is beautiful, flawless and it's coming together as a really strong collection. I couldn't be happier with the results of all of the products I've used so far and I can't wait to get using and purchasing more Mac Cosmetics!

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