Make Up Time: Chocolatey Smokey Eye Tutorial (photos and video)

So, I posted a tutorial on my YouTube and decided to go along with it I'd make a photo tutorial.
Unfortunately my camera decided to stop working as soon as I set out to do the tutorial, so I had to just use my phone camera. So, no the photos aren't fabulous quality and the lightest isn't quite top notch, but I tried my best. The final photo is a much better quality image and you can see the outcome a lot clearer. Bare with me while I get my camera sorted!

In the meantime this is the post I'd scheduled to post, so here it is. Also I want to apologise for my horrible eyebrows, I had to grow them out for my college course (great).

1. Choose three shades to use for your smokey eye. For mine I've gone with three colours from Urban Decay's Naked palette. "Half baked", being the lightest shade, "Smog", being the middle shade, and "Darkhorse" being the darkest shade.

2. To begin with, whenever I use eyeshadow I prime my lids with Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer. I prime all across my lid and up to my brow.

3. Next apply the middle shade, in my case "Smog" all across the lid. Also bring the shadow just above the lid so that you can slightly see it going up towards your brow when you open your eyes.

4. Then apply the darker shade (Darkhorse) over JUST your lid.

5. Blend the line between the two so that the colours just flow into one another and there's no sharp line between them.

6. Add the lightest colour (Half Baked) just under your brow and along the edge of the middle shade.

7. Again blend the line between the two colours. The three colours should now blend together nicely and the shade should appear to gradually fade out towards the brow.

8. Add your eyeliner. I used a black kohl pencil, however a brown liner would have gone with the look far better. I like to blend my eyeliner into my shadow slightly so that the whole look melts together nicely.

9. Add your mascara and you're done!

Below is the video tutorial I've done over on my YouTube channel, check it out if you wish.

Thank you for reading ladies! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch over twitter: @EmilyJeanGC

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