You Could Say This is a Beauty Haul: Supermud and Nose Strips!

After going insane over the awful site my skin has turned to over the year, I decided it was time to purchase some good products that would help with this problem. After speaking to my fellow beauty-mad friend, Amber, she recommended two products: Glamglow Supermud Mask and some nose strips by Bioré.

When these two little god sends finally arrived in the post I was so eager to try them out, I hopped straight to it. I plastered my face in the mask and applied a nose strip once I'd removed the mask.

Glamglow Supermud Mask

What stood out so much to me about this product, even before I'd bought it, was that you didn't just have to use the product as a mask. You could also just use it as a spot treatment. The box states to cover 17 full face masks or 1000 (yes, one thousand) spot treatments!

I was a little surprised at the size of the tub, given how expensive this mask is, but I had to keep in mind it must be good to be so expensive, the reviews couldn't be wrong and the fact it lasted for 17 masks!

First thing I thought when I applied the mask was "is it supposed to have bits in?", the answer is "yes". So don't panic when you see little lumps in the mask, because I did! It's such a thick, gross and dark looking gloop, in the tub, but it actually applies so evenly and thin. You don't have to use a lot to get it to stretch across your face.

I've been applying mine with an old foundation brush. I washed the brush out thoroughly and allowed to air dry fully before using it to ensure it was 100% clean.

Before I applied the mask I had a lot of redness around my nose, I had a breakout on my forehead and a few red patches on my chin and cheeks. I was so desperate to get rid of the horrid state of my skin I would have tried anything, it's the worst it's EVER been. I could not thank Amber enough for recommending this mask because it's done my skin wonders! (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

What I found both gross and great about this mask is that it basically sucks out all of the oil and rubbish that's in your skin. Any open pores you have, it totally clears out and you can see it on the mask as little dark dots (ew!). Don't panic if you see any bit dark patches, they're probably the little bits that are in the mask (you can see the chunks that are big and dark in the pictures above).

After 5-20minutes you take the mask off and be shocked at how beautiful and fresh your skin looks. Redness is reduced, pores are so much clearer, your skin looks brighter and it feels healthier. It really is incredible!

Bioré Nose Strips

From what Amber had said, these were also a miracle product and she recommended to use them after  the Glamglow Supermud mask, so of course I listened to Amber and the results were, again both gross and amazing.

You splash your nose with water and apply the strip to your nose making sure the whole strip is in touch with your skin and applied firmly. After 15 minutes you remove the strip. The water really glues the strip to your skin to allow the product to work, so it can hurt a little taking it off, but it isn't near as painful as the reviews I'd read claimed. It just felt like pulling sellotape off my nose (really, it didn't hurt much at all!)

When you peel the strip off, again it clears your pores and helps remove blackheads. It pulls all over the rubbish from your skin out, so yes it's a little gross, but it's such a relief to know that your skin is now clean!

I would recommend both of these products to everyone if they don't already use them, they are the best purchases I've made in regards to my skin and I'm so glad I have Amber to tell me about these sorts of things!

Seeing as I've spoken about her a lot, I can only recommend that you follow her on twitter, talk to her and get some tips from her! She is honestly one of the loveliest people I've ever known and she really knows her stuff when it comes to beauty and makeup! @amhart44

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