Review: Erase Paste

For some time I'd been seeking a concealer that suited my skin and worked. I get really bad dark under eye circles, and I tend to get red patches on my skin, so I just wanted a product that would cover up these flaws that I am so self conscious of.

My sister-in-law mentioned "Erase Paste" by Benefit to me, and said how amazing she thought it was. So I, of course, had to go and buy myself some.

Usually I'm really disappointed with concealers. I find them too thick and heavy, too dark (even the lightest tones), difficult to blend, that they wear off or they just look horrible, uneven and splodgy. When I tried Benefit I was quite surprised to find that it was too thick and heavy, the colour wasn't too dark (of course I'd gone for the lightest tone as usual) and it blended out nicely. It has a nice creamy texture, and it spreads really evenly across your skin. I found it felt really light on my skin and even under my powder foundation.

While maybe the coverage wasn't the best, I didn't care because it was still a good coverage without it being thick and heavy, plus it just felt so good on my skin! You can see the coverage from the photos below (also ignore the horrendous eyebrow bush, I had to grow them for college), and the dark circles under my eyes have covered up nicely. You can also see that it's blended nicely in with my skin tone, you can't even tell I'm wearing concealer! The redness around the little bump on my cheek has completely gone (I did choose this side of my face purposely to show you the quality of coverage over little spots and redness). So my eyes have gone from looking dark and tired to looking more awake and brighter. The redness is covered up so well, which I was thrilled about!

I hope you enjoyed reading, ladies! I hope I've helped in some way. If you want to get in touch, ask any questions or request a review, feel free to contact me via twitter: @EmilyJeanGC

Thank you for reading!

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